Pasta with lemon ricotta (cottage cheese) and basil

Submitted by enr on 03 Dec 2014
200 g whole grain fusilli
# For the sauce:
100 g ricotta (cottage cheese)
30-40 g parmesan
1 tbsp olive oil
black pepper, salt
Pasta with lemon ricotta (cottage cheese) and basil
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Paste boil 2 liters of salted water according to package instructions, in case of 10-12 minutes. In a metal bowl, wide enough to fit over the top of the court in which the pasta is cooked, mix rikotata (the cottage cheese), Parmesan, olive oil and taste - salt, freshly ground black pepper crust and lemon juice. About 2 minutes before you remove the pasta from the fire bowl is placed on the court with pasta. Stir the sauce - it warms, relaxes and becomes creamy. Add basil. The cooked pasta is drained and immediately mixed with the sauce, adding a little water, which is boil the pasta. Serve immediately. * This sauce is recommended to be used with pasta rotini, penne, fusilli or gemelli. These forms hold the sauce. * For 2 servings.
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03 Dec 2014


Wonderful recipe, Ina, thanks, that share it :) Very easy, quick and tasty - I did it with Fussili and ricotta, basil and much of himself added a little cayenne pepper flakes. I just need to remove from the fire as zahlupih with cup - water flowed over the dense superimposing, but use a glass bowl and I was afraid not to crack. Maybe it was a bit small pot, but still, and removed from the heat, pasta've played enough steam to heat the bowl and soften cheese, so it was not a problem.

Nevi, very glad that you liked the! This sauce can be warm and water bath or steam in another court, but it is given in the recipe. The objective is further warming and to obtain a smooth sauce. Give the photo! :)

ate too fast and did not wait for a photo, but these days I will make it and then you put :)