Chocolate house

Submitted by enr on 07 Dec 2011
ready base, cake or pie
100 g of chocolate - white or brown
1 tbsp fresh milk
1 tsp butter
biscuits, candy, colored sticks, nuts or other of your choice to decorate
Chocolate house
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For making the base of the house can be used all ready base or cake can be home or soon-to-Buy ready. From the base cut cube - as the basis of the house and roof prism. If the base is thinner can be cut several pieces to put one over another and cut them to a house. In this case, after cutting can be pinned two toothpicks in the house - not to fall apart. Milk chocolate and the butter melted in a water bath (or in microwave). With glaze is brushed the roof and walls of the house. While the chocolate is still warm and liquid is decorated with candy, nuts, pretzels or other of your choice and fantasy. * The roof can be made of tiles of cornflakes, almonds, cookies - the arrangement of tiles starting from the bottom. The house can be lined with sticks - so will be * wood *. * The base, which is used may be round or rectangular, residues can be used for decoration. * The amounts of chocolate icing are given only indicative of proportion - how glaze will need depends on the size of the house.
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07 Dec 2011


Easy, spectacular, beautiful, with the possibility of free play of imagination to decorate!

began and Christmas beauties seem easy and beautiful!

Ah, that krasivooo ... Congratulations!

This is the easiest option of sweet cottage. Instead bake cookies and to adhere to, everything becomes quite quickly, especially bought crust or cake. It is suitable for decoration of children and will spend a fun evening to cook. Or to make a few - one that is pictured is tiny, the size is optional.

This is for me, magnificent