Flower Salad

Submitted by enr on 19 Dec 2009
150 g of salami Kamchia
1 boiled potato
1 small cucumber (maybe sour)
1 carrot - boiled or pickled vegetables
2 boiled eggs
200 ml milk sauce
sour cream
Flower Salad
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In the middle of a shallow dish lining consistently grated sausage and potato on it. Watered with half milk sauce, put it cucumber, cut into thin strips (not shredded because it would bots) and pour the remaining sauce. Top grate grater in small pieces egg whites, then - the yolks. Cream sprayed cell in each put olives. Carrots cut into rings and ranks as the leaves around the vegetables. Salad, which saw a chicken can be prepared with other sausages. The original name is Sunflower, but my like a flower, so that name and put. Milky sauce can be bought ready or prepared mayonnaise and yogurt.
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19 Dec 2009


Goes favorites. Will try, surely!

Maggie sounds tasty to try necessarily goes to Favorites!

I can do it. In Favorites, and tomorrow to enjoy the show with this delicious salad !!! Congratulations!

Thank you! Cucumbers cut them with grater Biorner, but maybe on small cubes. Just do not planed :)

Maggie mazhleto was fascinated and very liking!

flowers, I'm glad that you liked the thanks :)

Soon my birthday and surprise your guests with this wonderful salad!

goes to Favorites

If you can remove the carrots to put chips.

just like salad and her call *shaggy salad*;-) It's really delicious. Until now I put mayonnaise will try and milk sauce!

I think you will like my little daughter