Indian rice pudding (Paal Payasam)

Submitted by enr on 18 Oct 2013
50-150 g of rice (depending on variety)
1 liter milk
1 tsp cardamom
100 g sugar or sweetened condensed milk (or to taste)
50 g Natural Ги (Gee) or butter
50 g cashew
25 g raisins
pinch saffron (optional)
Indian rice pudding (Paal Payasam)
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Rice is washed and boiled in milk. Add cardamom and sugar (condensed milk) and stir. Add saffron and after the milk stain, mixed and poured into bowls. Cashews fry until slightly golden color in the butter (Gee), add the raisins and fry about 1 minute. Cashews and raisins are distributed on milk with rice. Serve warm. * I used 100 g of sugar, and I thought a lot. Next time we will reduce it by half. Basically in India served their typical masala tea with many, many sugar, and some of their desserts are very sweet. * Instead Gee can be used butter. * The amount of rice depends on the variety of rice. Preferably, a glue rice, more starch. The end result should be more rare, rarely Bulgarian milk with rice. * The recipe is typical of Kerala in India. Due to the favorable climate, there are grown many spices (including cardamom and saffron) and tea.
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18 Oct 2013


Gergana, I liked the recipe, and it is easy to prepare. And certainly taste the milk with rice will be fantastic! Goes to Favorites!

Manuela, I'm glad that you like! I really like cardamom - I have many friends from India and fragrant like Indian food.

recipe I like and put it in your favorites, though not made soon. Does it matter which rice will be used? I guess I have to get nearly as cream / pudding? Perhaps we have a variety lot of starch to toughen milk?

Yes, the rice must take more liquid. You should get as Bulgarian milk with rice as thick like it. What I ate in India is rare, but not quite liquid.

Thank you :) I've eaten Indian rice pudding, but so far I was trying to remember the name ... And finally: Eureka: Keira is said :)

I put 200 g rice ('50 I saw less) Long in one liter of milk. And instead of saffron, cinnamon put. Delicious rice pudding (I'd never eaten) so tasty. Vladimir, thanks for shared recipe;)

Manuela, very glad that you liked the recipe. The pictures look very appetizing!