Layered cake with strawberries and cream

Submitted by enr on 15 Apr 2010
# For the bases:
6 eggs
180 g sugar
150 g brashno
pinch of salt
# For the cream:
500 ml milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp flour
5 tbsp sugar
# For syrup and decoration:
3 tbsp sugar
200 g cream
10 g gelatin (1 packet) + 3-4 tbsp sugar
500 g strawberries
Layered cake with strawberries and cream
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The bases: egg mix with sugar fluffy cream. Add the flour and add a pinch of salt, stirring with a wooden spoon. Half of the mixture pour into a baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm, on greased baking paper. Bake in preheated oven at moderate temperature. Is baked, still warm, the base turns the paper is torn off and leave to cool. The second base is prepared in the same way. Cream: The flour is dissolved in 1 cup milk. Add beaten eggs with sugar. This mixture was poured in a thin stream in the remaining 300 ml boiling milk and stirred continuously until the compression of the cream. Syrup: Mix sugar and 300 ml water and boiled for 3-4 minutes. Assembling Cake: cool bases are irrigated with warm syrup. Combined with cream. It is brushed on the top and sides. Arrange strawberries on the cake. Gelatin and 3-4 tbsp sugar were dissolved in 250 ml water. Warm over low heat to completely dissolve the gelatin. With this liquid coated strawberries, I use a brush to spread with gelatin. Decorate with cream shattered.
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15 Apr 2010


I love this cake but could not ask for sugar syrup is not it for this amount of water.

I personally do not think it's a little bit because there is sugar cake layer does not depend on the syrup to osladi. This is 1 tablespoon 100 ml of water, I think it's good.

is more flavorful when the latter must be syrupy juice compote of strawberries and cream for use steppe - strawberry instead of sugar.

The cake is light and fresh approached for the coming warm days. naxos is entitled can be syrupy latter mustjuice with strawberry compote. Step - strawberry cream instead of sugar in my dorada not think that will satisfy the tastes.

degree is a sweetener with strawberry flavor. The taste will not change, just smells stronger. Strawberries in the market almost no flavor.