Mesheha spicy rolls

Submitted by enr on 08 Jan 2011
500 g chicken livers
500 g smoked bacon or chest
2 onions
4 tbsp mustard
4 tbsp ketchup
sunflower oil, savory
# of livers For the marinade:
4-5 tbsp soy Sauce
# Support materials:
Mesheha spicy rolls
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Livers with soy sauce are placed in the refrigerator for about an hour to be marinated. Chest or bacon cut into thin slices and they shall turn livers. In a slice of smoked meat turns to roll a chicken drobche, pins with a toothpick and place in pan and so to the depletion of livers and bacon (chest) or to fill the tray. Luke cut in large pieces and pins of each stick on the formation roll, and the rest of onions sprinkled on them. Flood with sunflower oil, sprinkle savory. Bake in preheated oven without pay. When no apparent browned (after about 20-25 minutes) were combined and mustard ketchup, stirred with a spoon and was poured on each roll of the resulting mixture. Bake until baking and issuance of the separated water and a nice tan. If we determine that there is a need for more time for baking and the water boil dry, add a little some water to bake and to not stick, as though watching it turn aside - must remain fat.
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08 Jan 2011


Nelly, together with the matches you bake?

Yes with chopsticks.

Very tasty look. Put in favorite and will try soon, but I think to add a carrot for color.

put evaluation because it sounds and looks pretty tasty, so go to Favorites and stuff.

My girl I make this delicacy on a special occasion and I advise all who love liver - a must try recipe! Even when baking emanated seductive aromas and finished livers wrapped in bacon and accompanied by onion ... mmm ... were great! We could not photograph them now, but will certainly do so another time. Nelly, thanks for the recipe in my personal ranking, the most supreme livers :) One tip - warn of the matches, not to hurt anyone gladnik.

Nelly spoil discipline and diet with this recipe!

Bagodarya you, Pavel! So color describe his pleasure makes me happy. As far as for the matches, I understood that removed when serving.

Neli1100, congratulations and thanks for the recipe. Really become very, very very tasty. I put cayenne pepper to ketchup and mustard.