Party bread Snake

Submitted by enr on 29 May 2010
20 g yeast (1/2 cube)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
flour (as necessary)
butter spreads
1 clove garlic
feta cheese Mozzarella
cherry tomatoes
2 raisins (eye)
chili pepper (language)
Party bread Snake
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Yeast dissolved in 250 ml warm water with salt and sugar. In the flour is made well and add the liquid. Involved elastic dough was allowed to rise in a warm for about 1 hour. The dough is shaped balls, arranged in the tray under the letter S (or in another form, resembling a snake). Place eyes and tongue of the snake and leave in a warm 30 minutes. Bake in preheated 220 C oven until ready. Clove garlic press and mix with the butter. The snake is coated with the butter and cover with foil to stew. Domatchetata mozzarella and sprinkle with basil, rank on toothpicks and placed on the snake. You can use the finished dough.
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29 May 2010


Well done, great idea and design.

The idea is really original, bravo!

EEEEEEEE, BRAVO! Until now I have not thought to offer bites so. Emira bravo and thank you!

absolutely great. Congratulations!

Hey this snake like! Congratulations for the idea!

The human imagination has no end, congratulations!

Very beautiful. My was not so nice, but next time will try more. :) Thanks for the idea.