Parzhenki our village

Submitted by enr on 23 Jun 2010
500 g flour
125 g butter
3 eggs
2 tbsp cognac
cooking cream
powdered sugar
Parzhenki our village
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Sift the flour, make well, put it soft butter. It is well kneaded, add the eggs one by one and add the cognac. Again knead well. To the resulting paste is added as cream, dough can be prepare if (0.5 cm). Cut out shapes, which are fried in plenty of preheated oil on both sides. Ready parzhenki Oval in powdered sugar.
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23 Jun 2010


Very easy and interesting recipe. I love the scent of cognac or rum in the food.

and I like the recipe. I imagine them some such crispy. We'll get to favorites and we will try.

Very delicious were those parzhenki (and expected). The aroma is buterki, but the taste is much, much nicer. Became crisp, inflate at frying (nothing that will bulking) dough stand on leaves. Eat super fast. Here's a picture of me.

A yeast should not soda or bicarbonate?

Do not put any soda or yeast. Very tasty, crunchy and scented oil. Try and you will not regret it - on I like.

Be sure! Goes to favorites.