Salad with garlic mayonnaise

Submitted by enr on 20 Jun 2010
4 large tomatoes
1 large cucumber (3-4 gherkins)
1 large head garlic
50 ml sunflower oil (olive oil)
5-6 sprigs of dill
5-6 sprigs of parsley
Salad with garlic mayonnaise
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In a deep bowl cut tomatoes and cucumbers and harvested in the refrigerator until ready mayonnaise. Peeled garlic and beat mechanically until a poultice. Transfer to a suitable container and spoon a spoon add the oil, as vigorously stir in minced meat (this, which Grind garlic) in one direction. It is important that the mixture has absorbed all sunflower oil, before adding the next spoonful so, until mixture thickens and like a mayonnaise. Cut products are removed from the refrigerator and add salt to taste (garlic mayonnaise in also has salt crushed garlic), mix. Then poured thereon garlic mayonnaise and again stirred well. Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and dill.
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20 Jun 2010


the 6 interesting stuff.

With the mixer can I not break, so will I try to chop?

I think there is a slight discrepancy in the used kitchen appliances :) What we crushed garlic a knife or with a uredche grinding garlic, however I would not use for mixing. remiva, perhaps whereas beat mechanically in a mortar. I think that blender should also get?

I do not know I did not akva7 rules mixer, but you try and tell us, so we are not pushing.

Yes, xevi, just chopping mortar it comes, will probably happen with Blender, but again I have not tried, so ....

will happen to the blender to blender. There are also some hand uredcheta for blending garlic. But that does not, is exactly as it describes Reni. And now crushed garlic in a wooden mortar or clay / ceramic / dish. This recipe from my *breathes* something homemade and tasty too.

Do you sweet tillia, our country is respected for many years and when I got married at the other end of Bulgaria, my husband and I learned these Severniashki goodies.

Well, clearly - it is our end, so I like it! Just kidding, of course. Many recipes I like, regardless of where they are.