Spinach with mince

Submitted by enr on 12 Apr 2011
200-300 g minced meat
1 kg of fresh spinach
2 onions
250 ml water
60 g rice
2-3 tbsp butter
salt, pepper, paprika
Chop cut into small pieces and fry in a deep saucepan with the butter. Add the minced meat and fry, stirring, until crumbs. Spinach is broken in large pieces, put it in minced meat, pour water, season and leave to simmer until spinach settles. Put the washed rice and boil on low heat until the rice is cooked and the water is taken entirely.
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12 Apr 2011


Rally, thank you for interesting recipes! And it will be put in soon.

This dish do it often and is very tasty. Serve it with yogurt, and even now I do it for dinner.

This recipe I heard from a friend a week ago and immediately try it out. Us we like. Unfortunately not photographed. akva, you shoot and upload photos will be happy to have a picture to the recipe.

Aliana, sorry, but it is eaten more of the moment, so it was today. Soon I will do, but will add the sorrel. I promise to put picture.