Yellow (dry) peas potatoes

Submitted by enr on 05 Mar 2011
500 g yellow (dry) peas
500 g potatoes
150 g red peppers
1 carrot
1 bunch green onions
5-6 clove garlic (2-3 sprigs of fresh garlic )
150 g of tomato paste
1 tbsp paprika
1 tsp flour
salt, cumin, black pepper
Yellow (dry) peas potatoes
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Onions, garlic, carrots and peppers finely and sauté in vegetable oil. Tomato paste diluted with 200 g of water and added to steamed vegetables. When boiling add the peas, chopped at a in large pieces potato, red pepper, black pepper, cumin and salt. Pour water to cover the dish. Boil on medium heat until ready. Before overthrowing the dish from the fire add the flour mixed into 2 tbsp water to thicken. * The recipe is from the package of peas (with a few additions).
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05 Mar 2011


Just bought peeled yellow peas and wondering how to prepare and your recipe came to me welcome. Goes to Favorites for which I thank you. I vaprosche-peas, soak you two hours before you cook?

No, do not soak. Only washed with cold water. I first wash and while priotvya and cut vegetables, he had begun to swell. Cook for about 40-50 min. The whole dish.

The same meal I made it about a month ago. Becomes very tasty :)