Dolmas with minced meat turkey (chicken) meat in the oven

Submitted by enr on 26 Dec 2014
1 kg white turkey or chicken (white meat of a turkey 5 kg)
1 stalk leek
2 cup rice
1 large sour cabbage
pepper - ground and beans
60-79 ml sunflower oil or olive oil
1/3 cup wine
1 tsp salt
Dolmas with minced meat turkey (chicken) meat in the oven
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In a deep pot rice and fry the chopped leeks. Cut the meat into small pieces and add it to the rice and leeks. Add salt and fry together until the meat turns white. Add 3 cups water and wine and stew over low heat until the rice absorb all the water. Away from the heat and add the grinded pepper. Stir. From the resulting mixture we turn dolmas and arrange them in a saucepan of Jena glass or other suitable oven container with a lid. I use pot for cooking turkey. Spraying pepper grains and sunflower oil remaining between the dolmas and pounded them with a heavy plate to float and to develop in the cooking process. Pour 3 cups water and put the container, tightly closed lid in a preheated 180C oven. As a boil, reduce to 120C and boil two and a half - three hours.
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26 Dec 2014