Thai meat salad Larb Kai

Submitted by enr on 20 Jul 2013
500 g minced meat - chicken, beef or pork
125 ml chicken broth or water
5 tbsp fish sauce (fish sauce)
10 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice - about 2 lime
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp chili flakes (spicy)
4 tsp ground roasted rice
7-8 heads shaloten onions (3-4 onions or 1 onion)
1/3 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves
1/3 cup mint leaves (whole)
Thai meat salad Larb Kai
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Chop the onion very thin crescents. Green spices Wash coriander and chop onion. In a saucepan put the broth (or hot water with a little salt), heat to moderately high heat, add the mince and cook for 5-10 minutes to stand while stirring. Finally, it should be a small fluid. Remove from heat and add fish sauce, chili, sugar and lime juice, mix well. Add roasted milled rice and stir again. Finally, add the onion and green spices, stir gently. The dish is trying and if necessary additional seasoned to taste. Serve hot with steamed rice sprinkled with chili and mint leaves, served with fresh vegetables. * Ground roasted rice can be bought ready from Asian shops, but is also very easy to prepare. A dry pan on a moderate cooker baked 2-3 tbsp glutinous rice (sticky rice, glutenous rice) or jasmine rice until golden-brown. Grains become aromatic, but not to overcook. Remove from heat and leave to cool (note, are hot). Crush in a mortar or grind in a blender or machine to grind coffee. Prepared aromatic powder which can be stored for several weeks in a sealed box. * Larbi Kai salad is typical of northeastern Thailand, Isan province. The recipe is taken from culinary school in Bangkok where we spent an interesting afternoon in the cooking of typical Thai dishes. * The only thing left out of the original recipe are 4-5 leaves culantro - this is a culinary herb from the family of coriander, with oblong green leaves. If there is where to find it - put it with other herbs, sliced. * Each bite of the dish is an explosion of flavors to achieve the perfect balance of spices start with the proposed amounts and eventually add more if needed. Must be felt by the pungent chili, texture and flavor of the cooked rice, the freshness of lime and green spices. * For a true Thai dish make it very spicy :) * If served as a salad set of products are obtained 4-5 servings, but as a basic snack - 2-3.
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20 Jul 2013


Neville salad will try! I liked a lot as an offer! Culantro or perhaps Cilantro, to me there is year-round;)

Manuela85, I'm glad you like :) For pity culantro not cilantro, from the same family are similar but different, ask google how it looks if you interesting. Salad except that it is very fresh and tasty, it is good that almost no exchange of products (except for the omission of culantro-it) can be cooked in authentic and outside of Asia.

Mmmm, yes! In Latinoamericana culantro (cilantro) is the same, and culantro called seeds of cilantro-it:) In Asia it is called *Japanese parsley* or *Chinese parsley*. Taste of seeds is much stronger and more pungent leaf :)

To be very clear, here are the Wikipedia - Culantro and Cilantro , in articles and pictures there. Cilantro says the leaves of coriander (fresh) - it looks like parsley in appearance, it is sometimes called Chinese parsley. Coriander can in principle be used leaves / stems, roots and seeds - ground, in the recipe here are the leaves. Culantro is completely different plant looks quite different and it also used the green leaves - if one can obtain them, because it is not as popular spice put it in my notes.

nevi, many turned me with this warm salad! I have a single problem: I do not like fresh coriander :( Give idea what it replaced. I have access to Asian shops and if I call another typical spice, I could procure it. And if it did not, if I could use ground coriander seeds? They like them ...

My personal preference is for coriander, but we ate only salad and mint or with a mix of mint and basil and it was delicious - they use them a lot of these herbs. So, you can put more mint and coriander miss entirely or replace it with basil.

Thank Nevi. Basil sounds great, will try it. So many times I tried to like fresh coriander - and in the Indian, and Moroccan and Asian cuisine ... But I just can not love him: /

fresh coriander I smell amazing, but put in the exact dishes is incredible and unique, I've never used it but I ate fried eggplant with tomato sauce and coriander, stuffed peppers with rice and coriander and I licked his fingers as they say . Can in this recipe coriander is the exact ingredient.